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Saving InYourArea users time, money and effort with a FREE CarCloud account

Cut down car costs: the second-biggest spend on average for UK households

Track it all in one place to see where you can save

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Understand your total running costs

Enter your reg and mileage and we'll work it out for you. using our clever systems and in-the-know industry data.

Compare car insurance from 160+ providers

You could save up to £549.50* on your car insurance with CarCloud, now powered by MoneySuperMarket.

Could you get a better car finance deal?

You could switch car finance at any time. Make your agreement longer or shorter to suit your life plans, pay off the balloon payment with a personal loan - you might have options to save. Always check any exit fees in your existing agreement before switching.

The tools to get your car right next time

Be it petrol, diesel or electric, we simplify the process giving you the data you need to decide. That includes accurate valuations, with forecasts for running costs and future value.

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Reminders for MOT, tax and insurance

Sent with savings tips and tricks, customised to your key dates. Avoid fines and never miss a deadline.

*51% of consumers could achieve this saving with CarCloud Motor Insurance. Based on Online independent research by Consumer Intelligence during 01 February to 30 April 2024. UK residents only T&Cs apply.

Effortless car ownership

What is CarCloud?

Made by car industry experts who wanted to bring more power to the people. CarCloud is cleverly linked to the DVLA and other in-the-know data sources to save your car key dates, valuation and running costs all together in one handy dashboard. We’ve partnered with with Experian and MoneySuperMarket to help you look for savings on finance and insurance, too.

Why have we partnered with InYourArea?

InYourArea firmly believe in helping their members by having access to all your information your way. CarCloud offers that, in a way that can truly help people live better, by making car management exactly that - manageable - hopefully giving you time and money back to do even greater things.