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Track your current car finance, shop for cheaper options or new deals on another car.

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Monitor your running costs

Keep an eye on how much your car is really costing you with our running cost calculator.

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Avoid fines by never missing your MOT, tax and insurance deadlines.

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Get quotes from over 160 insurers via your CarCloud account with Money Supermarket.

The better way to make car finance work for you

Two thirds of people are not aware that they can switch their car finance during their agreement. (Experian, 2022)

Just like the mortgage market, there are new deals available all the time.  Our Finance Tracker gives you all the information you need to get the best deal for you.

Our focus is helping you keep an eye on your vehicle’s equity (showing you how much your car is worth minus how much you owe on it), so all you need to do is plan your next move.


The better way to get a true valuation

The value of your car depends on who’s buying it.  You’ll get a different price trading it vs selling it privately. 

This is why we put all the options in front of you so that you can make the best choice.

The better way to do car admin

Never miss your MOT, tax or insurance again, with personalised reminders sent at the best time to help you save money.

Our data sources help you understand the true cost of your car ownership too, with our running costs calculator. 


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Frequently asked questions

By tracking your car finance, you can always keep an eye on your existing deal and compare it to other options. Did you know you can switch at any time, even if you took your finance deal out today?

Our insurance cost tool gives you total control.  Simply add your insurance premium and we will do the rest. 

By notifying you of your MOT and Road Tax dates we will help keep your vehicle road legal, reducing the risk of fines, points and being uninsured. 

CarCloud takes the pain out of car admin.  You simply create your profile and we will do the rest, reminding you of time and money saving opportunities only when needed.

Yes, you can add any UK-registered vehicle, be it a car, motorbike or van.

There’s no catch! If you decide to buy a product or service through CarCloud, we make a commission. If you never take out a finance deal or your insurance through us, you still get all the same great digital car management benefits. Please note: you will not pay more for any products or services we offer as a result of our commission arrangements.