Manage your car budget with CarCloud’s running cost calculator

Your car is your second-biggest outgoing, after your home.  We’re here to make sure you don’t spend a penny more than you need to

Manage your car running costs 

Discover your running costs to help you make the right decisions to help you save money.

Save on running costs. With tax, insurance and repair prices rising, we’re here to help you budget and compare costs on different cars

“Well I’d been thinking about getting a more economical car for a while. I knew I was spending a fortune on diesel, but I didn’t know exactly how much. I put my reg into CarCloud, and between fuel and tax, it was over £100 a month! Once I found a car I wanted to buy, I entered its reg into CarCloud too – it was really easy to flick between the two cars in my online garage to compare how much they cost to run.  I felt fully in control, and swapped my old car for a newer electric one the same day”

Sam, saved £72 a month with CarCloud

Save like Sam, or simply keep tabs on car spending

See how much you could save on your runnings costs, by joining a community of over 90,000 CarCloud users. It only takes a few minutes to enter your car details, then let our running cost calculator do its thing. It could help you reduce the overall cost of car ownership. 

The better way to monitor car running costs


Automatically calculate your car running costs

Our super-smart data sources automatically pull the running cost data for almost any car under 9 years old.


Edit them to add in any extra detail

Add car data so that your running costs are tailored to your specific situation.


Compare costs between different cars

CarCloud can help you compare running costs of different cars in your virtual garage to help make your next car more cost-effective.


Time to swap cars to help you save?

CarCloud will soon bring you the ability to switch directly to another car, new or used, so no need to leave the CarCloud site.

Our mission is to help car owners save money

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