Your car may have equity, just like a house.  Did you know you can Switch your car finance at any time?


Find out your car’s equity in a few minutes with our car equity calculator, then get updates to track it changing every month. We work out how much your car is worth, minus anything you owe on it, helping you decide whether to stick with your current deal, switch to another, or swap cars entirely.

Finance your car from home with our partner Experian

If you’re looking to refinance your current car, did you know you can switch at any time? With CarCloud and our finance partner Experian, you can – and from the comfort of your own home no less. Always check your current finance agreement for any early-termination fees before switching. Or if you’re shopping for finance for a new car – whether you have a PCP, HP, Personal Loan, Experian’s panel of lenders can help you refinance.

With possible historic finance mis-selling in the news we’re helping people feel empowered with transparent options

“Love checking how much I’ve paid off my car agreement on here. I’ve had a PCP with the same garage since I passed my test – I hate making decisions, and I’ve always been happy with my car, so I just upgraded to a newer model. Then I got an ad for CarCloud on TikTok and started tracking my finance a few months ago. I finally feel in control of how much money is left on my car – it’s helping me understand my options and make a decision in my own time with no pressure. When my car is in positive equity, I’m looking to switch to a personal loan via CarCloud to pay the rest off at a lower rate”

Kate, 28, finally feels in control of her car finance

Track your current agreement like Kate, or shop for finance for a new car

Just like the mortgage market, new car finance deals regularly become available. Explore your options now, and while you’re at it, join a community of over 90,000 CarCloud users. It only takes a few minutes to set up your finance tracker, and might help you cut down one of the biggest costs of car ownership.

The better way to manage your car finance

Track your current finance agreement with ease

Using our finance tracker, simply enter your details once and get reminders about where you are and what your options are. 


Plan your next move with our easy list of options

On your finance tracker report, we list your options for you. As you make car payments and its valuation changes, so do your options. 


Our cars have equity just like houses

It sounds complicated, but it shouldn’t be. We take the value of your car and minus anything you owe on it each month, and update you.


Shop finance deals from the comfort of your home

Wherever you are, you can review competitive options in your own time with no pressure.

Our mission is to help car owners find their lowest monthly cost of ownership. Financing is just the start of that. 

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