There’s outstanding finance on my car, what does that mean?

Our systems are linked with our partner Experian, who run checks on each car registered on CarCloud to check for any existing, finance agreements. That could be a PCP, HP or any finance linked directly to the car. The idea is to help you track how much you owe. Sometimes, however, this search flags that there is money owed on your car that you may not know about.

I didn’t know there was money owed on my car. What do I do now?

  • If you bought your car with cash from a car dealership, please contact them.
    It could be a simple administration error that can be quickly updated. Contact them on the same number you did to buy the car, and ask them to remove the finance marker on your car.
  • If you bought your car privately for cash, then contact your seller immediately and explain your situation.


In both cases, you can always contact the finance company they will want to assist you. Your CarCloud finance tracker report tells you who the finance company supplying your company is.

How do I get this data with only a car registration plate?

This information is publicly available to help people check a car to see if it has any outstanding finance owed before buying it. We use similar data sources to car-buying websites, but we offer the information free to you as a CarCloud user. Elsewhere, there is usually a charge of £10+ per vehicle for this check.

If you have any questions or need any support after contacting the place you purchased your car from, and finance company itself, you can find more information from the Citizens Advice Bureau.

It’s always best to check a car on CarCloud before buying it to see if there’s any outstanding finance, as well as how much it costs to run and how much CO2 it emits. If you’ve already bought the car, don’t worry – just follow the steps above.